Up for a challenge..If its nature you love then you will love this walk

Posted on Sat October 6, 2018.

The De Kelders Grotto beach walk is a must if you have a bit of time to spare and you are in search of a peaceful soul discovering beautiful beach hike. This pristine stretch of coastline offers nature lovers a good deal of solitude with only the sound of seagulls and the crashing of waves as background music. Beautiful white sand stretching for 19km, until you eventually reach Grotto Beach, where a lovely long OLD HARBOUR BEER at Dutchies is a must

De Kelders Grotto Walk.
I have done this walk twice and it gets better each time. Choose the day carefully..not to hot or windy. And most important is the timing of the tide. It is best to start an hour and a half before low tide and finish and hour and a half into the start of high tide. This will ensure that you get to walk as close a possible to the waters edge where the sand is still firm, making walking that much easier.
We start at De Kelders and head back to Grotto so you would have to get a good samaritan to drop you off, or make use of a shuttle one way from Hermanus to De Kelders. The earlier your departure, the better, depending on the time of the year. You don't want to be stuck half way in the searing sun, although a dip in the ocean is a definite plus if you are a bit warm.
Make sure you have a small backpack with water and something to nibble. The walk can be done in three hours if you travel at a steady pace, but budget on 3 and a half to four hours and soak up the natural wonders along the way. In whale season, whale viewing along the way will be amazing, apart from the odd seal and the bird life and of course the beautiful array of shells washed up on the beach.


Do yourself a favour and factor this walk into your next visit to Hermanus.  You won't be disappointed